Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year.

We are off to a great start here at Nute as we kick off the new school year. Teachers came back this past Monday with students arriving once on Wednesday. It was fantastic to see our students and to hear about what their summer break. As the year is beginning, we as a faculty are focusing on the engagement and growth of our students and how do we grow opportunities to better engage our students. This is a goal that we will be pursuing throughout the entire year. 

I also had the opportunity to talk with many of our students over the past few days and the conversations were focused around that they hope for the school year. As you enter our building there is a bulletin board posted with note paper and pens, and students and staff are encouraged to write and share what their hopes for the school year and beyond are. It is our belief that the more we share our hopes with each other then the more we can work towards making them reality. 

Our Open House is September 8th at 6pm starting in the Nute Cafeteria. This is an opportunity for parents and families to meet our staff, tour the building, and get an idea of what the child's courses will look like for the year. We hope to see you all there. Here at Nute, we are very excited to get the school year going and will continue to work to give our students the opportunities to excel both in and out of the classroom. 


Scott Currier

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