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Throughout the past year we have been working under a vision that the education of our students is about growth and engagement. At Nute, we are striving to have all learners, both adults and students, have an experience where there is engagement in the work that they are doing and measurable growth from one year to the next. Under this vision, we have worked to provide various opportunities for both our students and staff to engage in curricular interests in order to show their growth as a learner.

Our student leadership is developing a Student Senate that is becoming a governing body of our school. Students are creating opportunities to not only have input regarding the day-to-day experience that they share, but are also reporting out their work to our Milton School Board. This is a real life and positive connection that allows for our community to see the great work our students do, while also giving our students a true assessment of their skills and competency.

As a staff we have been working on further strengthening our in house professional development opportunities. Teachers have been presenting to colleagues what activities, strategies, or initiatives they have been working on or what has been working well in their classroom. This has allowed for teachers from grades 6 through 12 to collaborate and has given opportunity for all staff to improve their practice. It also has helped to develop our teacher leaders by providing opportunity to present in a professional setting regarding their practice.

Finally, our school has continued to work on the culture and climate of our school. We have developed and implemented numerous events that have highlighted and awarded a positive school culture and climate for all students. We have also worked to improve both our communication with the community, and specifically regarding the great work that is being done by our students.

I am very proud of the work that is being done here at Nute by both students and staff. The combined effort of all of our staff has led to the development of a place that students and staff want to be and where good work can be accomplished. I look forward to continuing these efforts as we move forward with providing a quality education for our students. 


Scott Currier

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On April 19th, What's Next Wednesday will feature a discussion on Planning for Life After High School, with a focus on the purposes and importance of the various aspects of the Transition portion of your student's IEP.  There will be food provided and the event will run from 6 to 7:30.


On May 3, Farmington High School will hold a Transition Fair, where students and parents will have access to resources and service providers that can facilitate the transition from high school into the job markets or higher education.  This event will be from 6:00 to 7:30 at night.

Great Bay Community College's Advanced Manufacturing program is coming to do a presentation for high school students on May 11th. 

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